Why should we use an outside source to do our background checks when we can get the same information ourselves over the Internet?
PCI does not use computer databases to acquire criminal information as these databases are only as efficient as the person or persons entering the information. A county may be back logged several months waiting to enter new information into these computer databases. The information is at the county courthouse but not entered into the databases used by most “background companies.” PCI relies on real people doing real hand record checks at the county courthouses, in addition to utilizing other exclusive investigative resources. This ensures the highest level of accuracy. The turnaround time on these searches is typically 24 to 72 hours. Moreover, PCI maintains regular and frequent communication with law enforcement executives on both the State and Federal levels.

What makes an PCI Executive Protection Specialist different from a police officer or security guard.
PCI Executive Protection Specialists have the training, expertise & experience to meet and exceed your protection requirements and expectations. Our EPS are required to be proficient in several areas. The qualify on a quarterly basis (4 times a year) with a firearm which is more than most local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies require. Our EPS are also required to maintain a level of physical fitness that exceeds the requirements of the United States Secret Service. PCI Executive Protections Specialists are professionals protecting people and property from the threats and acts of violence in corporate America.

Can PCI also provide personal protection and home security to our executives?
Our elite, full time executive protection personnel are highly trained individuals that must maintain the highest industry standards to remain employed with PCI. They must exceed the physical fitness standards set by the U.S. Secret Service, graduate from an accredited executive protection academy, qualify with firearms four times a year, and are proficient in a martial arts discipline. This team of highly trained individuals will be available and ready to protect your executives, their families, and their homes.